Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brieanna - Level 54 12/29/09

I worked on Brieanna some more today and got her to level 54. She is moving along well.

I leveled in Winterspring, I did a bunch of quests there and probably have a couple more days there before I am done. This is a pretty nice area to level/quest in. The quests aren't too hard to solo and the mobs are spread out so you don't aggro 4 or 5 trying to kill 1. That only happened once tonight, I was killing a Chillwind Ravager when two more came over to help. The one I was killing was level 58, 5 levels higher than me, and the 2 that joined in were 57 and 58. I got 2 of them down before the last one got me. If I had popped a health pot instead of mana I might have made it, but I was out of mana at the time and it seemed like the thing to do. If I could have gotten it off me for a few seconds I could have used a bandage, I have Heavy Netherweave bandages that heal 3400 health over 8 seconds, but damage taken breaks the channel.

I went to Ironforge after I leveled so I could train and see if there were any equipment upgrades in the auction house I could use. There was only a pair of boots which I got. There are 2 nice epic daggers in there but they are 190 and 200 gold each. I can't see spending 400 gold on something I will throw away in another 8-10 levels. The ones I have now are level 39 but are doing me well enough as I try not to let anything get close enough to me that I have to use them. Brieanna dual wields daggers and they are pretty fast, their speed is 1.40.


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