Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brieanna - Level 55 1/1/10

Brieanna hit level 55 today. I was questing in Winterspring at the time. I could head back to the Plaguelands now and quest but I think I am going to finish up some more quests here first, I would rather quest here than there anyway.

Her skinning is up to 373 now, only 2 more points before I can head to Northrend and train for Grand Master Skinning. She will be able to skin anything she comes across in Outlands as the skinning cap for there (Burning Crusades) is 375. Her Herbalism still needs some work, I think that is stalled at 176. I will work on that too.

When she hit 55 I headed to Ironforge to put all the leather I had on the Auction house. I had 3 stacks of Thick Leather and 4 Stacks of Rugged leather. I put the Thick Leather up for a buyout of 6g50s a stack and the Rugged Leather for a buyout of 20g a stack. That will bring in around 100g for her.

I only have 3 more levels until she is in Outlands and 25 more levels to 80. It seems like a lot but it won't take too long.


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