Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brieanna - Shadowmoon Valley

Brieanna is level 67 now and questing in Shadowmoon Valley. That is probably where I will finish up Outlands because I can head to Northrend at level 68 which I am about 6 bars away from.

I got Bireanna a new Hunter's pet today, The Kurken, which is a core hound, from Stillpine Hold (49,13) in Exodar. I have been thinking about getting her a new pet for awhile now. This one is an "exotic" pet meaning you have to have a point in the Beast Master (exotic pet) talent in your talent tree to tame it. It was level 12 when I found it but jumped to level 62 as soon as it was tamed. It is now level 64. I am pretty happy with it's performance so far. It would be higher but I spent most the time since I got it in the battlegrounds and it doesn't get XP from that. It is a really cool looking pet and I have had a couple people comment on it already. I have only seen one other one and that belonged to a Horde player in the battlegrounds. The only problem with it is I can not switch to Marksman spec in the battlegrounds with it because I have to be in Beast Master spec to summon it. I might still use my wolf in the battlegrounds so I can go Marksman, I am not sure, I will have to see how I do in Beast Master Spec.


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