Monday, February 8, 2010

Shattrath Daily Fishing - Shrimpin' Ain't Easy 2/8/10

Today when Brieanna went to see Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest, he had Shrimpin' Ain't Easy for her daily fishing quest. This one is pretty easy and is right next door in Zangarmarsh.

I flew over to Umbrafen Lake (78,74) in Zangarmarsh and started fishing for Bloated Barbed Gill Trout. You need 7 or 9 or so to complete the quest, sometimes you get 1 Giant Freshwater Shrimp out of them, sometimes 2. You "cut them open" by right slicking on them. Once I had the 10 I needed I headed back to see Old Man Barlo and turn them in for my Bag of Fishing Treasures.

Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 7g18s25c, 4 Sharpened Fish Hooks and some Salvaged Scrap Metal. The Sharpened Fish Hooks are what I'm really after so I was happy.


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