Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yonezoe 5/30/08

I helped out Yonezoe with Wranngar in Hellfire Peninsula today, we were at it most of the day. Jacedic helped for awhile too. She was able to level up to 60 today :). I think I was as happy about that as she was because now I can put my level 40 mount away and start riding one of my epic mounts again :). I was riding my Black War Elekk most of the day. She got a Great Green Elekk for a mount. We did a lot of quests and also did Ramparts, which is an instance, with Jacedic, Stalleris and one of Totomoyo's alt's, a 70 Rogue. It was a very smooth run with 3 70's. I think tomorrow we will be heading to Zangarmarsh to quest which is good with me, I need rep with that faction.


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