Monday, November 23, 2009

The Battle for Alterac Valley 11/22/09

The battle still rages on in Alterac Valley. I fought in 15 battles on Wranngar tonight, 9 wins and 6 losses. It is hard to believe the Alliance are still making the same mistakes after all this time but they are.

We had a couple losses because of someone taking SHGY which usually results in a turtle if they do it early in the battle. Another thing the Alliance does time and again is start a cap on something then walk away from it while it is clocking. Everything in Alterac Valley takes 4 minutes to cap. The main places they do this is Iceblood Graveyard, Snowfall Graveyard, and the East and West Frostwolf Towers. The Towers are the stupidest part, they will click on the flag, anyone can do that, then they jump down to stand on the hill. A single Rogue or Druid in stealth mode can go up into the Tower and back-cap it without any opposition and they do it time and time again. The Horde know this, it is about the only place a single Horde will go and back-cap something. This happens time and again and people still do it. On the average we usually cap those 2 Towers 3 or 4 times before they burn... Another mistake they make all the time is leaving 1, or at most 2, people to guard IBT and TP. The Horde always bring at least 3 if not 4 or 5 people to back-cap either of those towers but people still do it every battle...

In spite of all the problems and stupidity we did have some good battles tonight. We won a few more battles on reinforcements, I am wondering if this will end when the holiday weekend is over. The only reason I can think of is the Horde have their share of weekend warriors and AFK although the Alliance does seem to be playing better in some of the battles I have been in. We still have the stupidity of taking and holding SHGY and the problem with people leaving towers undefended/underdefended while they are capping, I don't think that will ever end.

I fought in a Wintergrasp battle tonight, the Horde really suck in there. We were defending again and we had no problem holding the Keep while destroying all their towers.

My daily battleground was WSG today. I wasn't going to do it but then decided to give it a shot and see how we were doing in there. To say we were doing poorly would be a gross understatement. Everyone was interested in fighting in the middle. There was no flag carrier support and there was no attempt made to get our flag back. I hate WSG and dropped the quest after that one loss. I may never go in there again. It was almost like they were farming HK's in there which is just stupid, if you are going to farm HK's you go to Alterac Valley.


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