Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf - Daily Cooking 1/13/10

Today when Gomorra went to see Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome, she had Infused Mushroom Meatloaf for him for his daily cooking quest.

This had me heading down into the sewers to pick 4 Infused Mushrooms. All the spots they used to spawn in that I haven't been finding them lately are spawning again so that is good. It didn't take me long to get the 4 I needed. With those in hand I headed back up to the bank and grabbed a couple pieces of Chilled Meat for the 'meat' part of the meatloaf. I cooked those up at a fire I built outside the bank.

I took the cooked Infused Mushroom Meatloaf and headed over to see Orton Bennet, upstairs at Curiosities and Moore. He gave me 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag for my trouble. He's a man that likes his meatloaf. Today my Small Spice Bag had 2 Northern Spices in it. That was kind of a let down but oh well, there is always tomorrow.


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