Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knights of the Ebon Blade Daily Quests 1/14/10

Today I did the daily's for the Knights of the Ebon Blade on both Wranngar and Gomorra.

First I went to the Shadow Vault in Icecrown and picked up Leave Our Mark, Vile Like Fire! and Shoot 'Em Up, then I flew over to Death's Rise and picked up From Their Corpses, Rise!, No Fly Zone and I already had Intelligence Gathering.

I did From Their Corpses, Rise! and No Fly Zone first. Today Wranngar completed and turned in Intelligence Gathering. These are done in Onslaught Harbor and go pretty easy and quick. I don't complete Intelligence Gathering every day because the drop rate on the documents you need to get is really poor, instead I collect what I get while doing the other 2 and turn it in when I have 5, usually once a week. I turned these in at Death's Rise for 13g23s each.

From there I was off to Jotunhiem to do Leave Our Mark, Vile Like Fire! and Shoot 'Em Up. These are 3 more that are really easy and go pretty quick once you get a routine down. I also get a lot of garbage drops from these 2 that add up to about 20 gold a day each. These are on the way back from Death's Rise to the Shadow Vault. Once I am done there I fly back to the Shadow Vault and turn them in for 13g23s each. I also sell all the garbage drops I got there and repair.

Between Wranngar and Gomorra I made 145g53s and another, roughly, 40 gold in drops. Not too bad for 20 minutes each.


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