Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sons of Hodir Daily Quests 1/14/10

I did all my daily quests for The Sons of Hodir on Wranngar and Gomorra today. These are quick and easy and pay some decent gold.

The ones I do for The Sons of Hodir are Blowing Hodir's Horn, Hot and Cold, Polishing the Helm, Spy Hunter and Feeding Arngrim. There is one more, Thrusting Hodir's Spear, that I don't do because it is just not worth the aggravation for what it pays, in my opinion.

I do these in this order, Blowing Hordir's Horn and Hot and Cold together because they are in the same area, behind Dun Niffelem, where you pick up the quests, then Feeding Arngrim, Polishing the Helm and Spy Hunter together on the other side of Dun Niffelem. They just seem to flow well that way with the least amount of wasted time or running around.

These all pay 13g23s each and I usually get around 20 gold each in garbage drops. Today I got a piece of Artic Fur, which is currently going for 80 gold a piece on the auction house, while I was skinning something I killed. Altogether I made 132g30s between the two plus, roughly, another 20 gold each from the garbage drops. I will keep the piece of Artic Fur as I might need it some day. I have about 2 and a half stacks now, around 50 pieces.


Josh said...

Yeah this is certainly one of the best places to do dailies if you want a decent amount of gold in a short period of time. You can make over 100g in about 20 minutes of these dailies/grinding.

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