Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brieanna Update 2/12/10

Brieanna is moving right along. She is level 75 now, less than 3 bars from 76, and has her Herbalism and Skinning, her primary professions, maxed out at 450. She also has her cooking maxed at 450, her First Aid at 436 and her fishing at 351. She recently got her 300 riding skill.

She has gotten almost all of level 75 in Alterac Valley fighting Horde. She has 14,151 kills now and is getting more every day. I love fighting on her in there, I love the range she has with a gun and bow. I would like to level her to 80 in the battlegrounds and get her PvP gear so she has most of it when she turns 80 but the queue's are so long for AV I don't see that happening. There were 3 days where I spent over 4 hours a day in queue and never got in. Just yesterday I started being able to get into AV again.

Recently she got her 300 riding skill. That cost me 5,000 gold plus another 95 gold for a swift flying mount for her to ride. I didn't have enough left over at the time to get her an Armored Snowy Gryphon, but I got her one today. That was another 1,900 gold. She is pretty much all set for mounts now.

If you would like to read about her exploits in AV and other battlegrounds, check out her blog Aspect of the Beast.


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