Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Kalu'ak Daily Quests 2/9/10

I did the daily quests for The Kalu'ak on Brieanna today. There are 3 of them and they each take me about 5 minutes to do.

The first one I do is Preparing for the Worst in Borean Tundra. For this one I just have to run around and collect 8 crates of supplies and turn them in. This one is worth 500 reputation for me and 5 gold. Pretty simple and it sometimes it corresponds with the daily fishing when it is in Unu'pe.

The next one I do is Planning for the Future. I have kind of mixed feelings about this one. For this one I have to collect 12 Snowfall Glade Pups and deliver them to Trapper Mau'i at Moa'ki Harbor. The way I do this is I go into their village, kill the parents and steal the pups. Not sure if that is right or not, but it is worth 500 rep and 5 gold.

The last one I do for them is The Way to His Heart.... For this one I have to net some Tasty Reef Fish, it takes me 7 although the quest says to get about a dozen, and then lure a bull cow over to a sea cow so they can find true love. Just call me cupid. This one is worth 7g10s and 500 rep.

So basically I am getting around 17 gold and 1500 rep a day doing these.


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